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Electronic Dance Mat (Free Shipping)
  • Electronic Dance Mat (Free Shipping)

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    Get your kids up and moving with the Electronic Dance Mat for Girls. This musical dance mat is perfect for young children, as it is designed to keep them active.


    The Electronic Dance Mat features six different modes of play, each one designed to challenge your child and help them improve their coordination and memory skills. 


    In mode 1, kids need to hit one of two lights on the control box. As they progress to mode 2, they'll need to hit three lights at once. Finally, in mode 3, they'll need to hit four lights simultaneously. In mode 4, they can follow along with nursery rhymes silently playing in the background. In modes 5 & 6, they can play music from a Bluetooth-enabled device, and the dance mat will light up accordingly. 


    This is a great way to get your kids moving and grooving, while also helping them develop important skills that they'll use for the rest of their lives.


    With the piano mode option, your kids can learn to play their own music, and with the familiar nursery rhythms in silent mode, they'll be soothed and relaxed. 


    Recommended for girls 3-9 years.


    Plus, the volume control means you can adjust the sound to your preference, and with the family fun feature, parents and kids of all sizes can enjoy this Electronic Dance Mat together. 

    So get ready to make some beautiful music with us!

    SKU: XF-6DVK-850S_Wix
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