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Our Story

This all started with our daughter Faye. Like all of us, Faye enjoys gifts, but for a 3-year old we think she enjoys gifts in a special way. Unlike our two sons, Faye cherishes She wants to know where (and from whom) each gift is from. "Who gave me this mom and dad? I love it so much." The crazy thing is she remembers. Gifts given months or even a year ago she says things like "look dad, Grandpa and Grandma got me this."

Our two sons are teenagers, so there's quite an age gap between them and Faye. When the boys were around 5-year we started the tradition of limiting their Christmas gifts from us to four, one from each category:

  • Something you want

  • Something you need

  • Something you wear

  • Something you read

Mom helped Faye come up with a list for Christmas, but she wasn't restricted to the four categories (maybe next time). We expected her to name everything under the sun, but she stuck to just a few items. Mom (Megan) took the list to Dad (Michael) and said "look at your Daughters List."

Faye's Christmas list was made in late October, and we expected her to change her mind a lot leading all the way up to the holiday. Well, she did not. She was maniacally focused on two items, and we became increasingly worried as Christmas approached because we couldn't find one of them. Rest assured, her persistence and focus resulted in getting what she wanted which were modest gifts. We then started focusing on ideas that were firm in her mind and our first product was born (Unicorn Lamp). She was heavily involved in all the designing and continues to participate as we develop other products.

For years we've dreamed of going into business for ourselves. We tried a few different industries, but our hearts were not in it. Finally, we decided we'd go into e-commerce retail, mainly selling on Amazon and that's when it hit us. We decided to let our daughter guide us. This video is 100% authentic; we always record her initial reactions to our samples. This one is shatterproof having learned a lesson from the first sample which was glass (little hands tend to drop things). We only sell products that are approved by Faye (and mom and dad after we watch her use the product for a few weeks or months).

A Family Tradition

Faye Gets Old Enough

Faye was Persistent

Look closely and you'll notice a few of our products.

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