Unique Decor For Your Little One

This is our daughter Faye. She loves everything "girly," and she loves and appreciates gifts in particular ways. First, she always wants to know who the gift is from. She often asks mom or dad to remind her specifically who gave her every item that she owns. Second, she pays attention to packaging and other details, asking questions about every aspect of her gift. She wants to know exactly how to enjoy the gifts and how to take care of them. 

For years we've dreamed of going into business for ourselves. We tried a few different industries, but our hearts were not in it. Finally, we decided we'd go into e-commerce retail, mainly selling on Amazon and that's when it hit us. We decided to let our daughter guide us. This video is 100% authentic; we always record her initial reactions to our samples. The Unicorn Snow Globe she's holding is currently in production. This one is shatterproof having learned a lesson from the first sample which was glass (little hands tend to drop things). We only sell products that are approved by Faye (and mom and dad after we watch her use the product for a few weeks or months).

Look closely and you'll notice a few of our products.