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Unicorn Lamp
  • Unicorn Lamp


    This unicorn lamp features a cute unicorn (of course) and a rainbow with a cloud at each end. There's tactile glitter on the unicorn and clouds. It's handcrafted and handpainted. All of this lends to the feeling that this lamp was made especially for the recipient. Oh, and obviously, it's perfect for a girls bedroom! 


    Brighten up your child's room with our enchanting Unicorn Lamp from Daughters List. This whimsical lamp features a beautifully detailed unicorn design that adds a touch of magic to any space. Its soft, warm glow creates a cozy atmosphere for bedtime stories and dream-filled nights. Crafted with care and designed to delight, this Unicorn Lamp is the perfect addition to your little girl’s room, making it a haven of wonder and imagination. Bring home the magic today!


    (UPC: 00860005891320)

    SKU: 72-B5XE-80JZ


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